2 Week Sculpt, Box & Build Challenge

Join us to transform your body and mind in 14 days.

Sculpt Your Body

Adicionalmente a lanzar videos de rutinas de ejercicios diarios e ideas para escribir un diario, presentaré videollamadas en directo!

In addition to working out and journaling with you everday, we will be hanging out on live calls!


My workouts will incorperate boxing to help us grow stronger in our power.

Mis ejercicios incorperzan el boxeo para ayudarnos a crecer más fuerte en nuestro poder.

Build Confidence

Aprenderemos como encontrar nuestros mejores ángulos para las fotos y a manifestar nuestros sueños.

Learn how to master camera confidence and manifest your dreams.

Within This Challenge, You Will Receive

Weekly Live Calls

This is your safe and fun space to hangout with your teachers and get to know your community.

Daily Videos

Daily videos released one at a time that guide you through exercises WITH music and the occasional TedTalk by your teacher.

24/7 Access

Recieve 24/7 access to the entire Warriors dashboard. This includes ALL past challenges and live calls.

Private Group Chat

Join our private group chat and take part in conversations with hundreds of girls from all around the world.

Dietitian & ED Mentor

Attend biweekly live calls & receieve e-books from our own dietitian and ED metnor. They are here to support you on your journey.

Journal Journey

Every day you will recieve a new journal prompt to help guide you in cultivating a deeper relationship with yourself.

Why this challenge works:

COMMUNITY. We stay motivated together every day of the challenge. When you join the group chat you can count on making new friends, staying inspired and growing into your own self more one day at a time.

LIVE CALLS. Every week each teacher hosts a live call. This is where we talk about progress, have live Q & A's and do connection activities such as dream planning, gratitude sharing and even live workouts!

DAILY RELEASE OF VIDEOS. Every day we release a new video complete with guided exercises and the best music AND a journal prompt. Workout your mind and body one day at a time.

DIETITIAN & ED MENTOR. We know how important healing our relationship with food is. That's why every challenge comes with additional support for anyone who desires it.

Who is this for:

The "I'm feeling lost or lonely girl."  We hear you and also, you are not alone at all. When you join for this month's challenge you will be greeted by our community with warm and welcoming arms. You will love the live calls. You will love the feeling of being part of tribe of women who are on the same path as you. Warriors walk life together, that's what makes us so strong.

The "I am struggling to motivate myself to workout and/or stick to a healthy diet" girl. Girl! We got you! We send out a Daily Mission every day of the challenge packed with motivation, exciting announcements and extra community opportunities. We release one video at a time so you stay motivated without feeling overwhelmed. And if you ever struggle with anything, you will have hundreds of warriors cheering you on every step of the way.

The "I want to grow and heal and cultivate self love" girl. Welcome HOME! Our community is designed to guide you in leveling up your life from your physical to your mental health. But really, we're all here to learn to love ourselves. THAT is why community is SO important. We learn to love ourselves through loving others. We guarantee that if you join, you will make the connections with yourself and others that YOU need to move forward in your life...oh and also, we do a lot of dream manifesting. It works.

Get Started Today In 3 Simple Steps

Join The Challenge

Sign up by clicking any button on this page. When you sign up you will become part of our monthly membership community. BUT! you can cancel at ANY time. So If you just want to join for this month & then cancel that's great! If you decide you want to stay for our future challenges, that is great too.

Feel The Love

Meet the community. You will recieve a series of emails with instructions on how to join our private group-chat and start meeting your new community. You can expect a big welcome from Alexis & your other teachers on the first live call you join!

Explore & Transform

Explore your dashboard. When you join you automatically unlock access to all past challenges & recorded calls. This inlcudes two full 30 days challenges, a 12 day gratitude challenge, a 21 day self-care challenge, 8 videos from our ED mentor & dietitian and so much more.


Will I get to speak directly to Alexis & Oriana?

Absolutely, yes. The main reason we are doing this (hey there!) is to get to know our community. Each of us will be hosting a live call once a week where we will chat about cuarted topics, have open Q&A's, do dream planning exercizes and more. These calls are our favorite part. There's something so special about connecting with warriors all over the world. If and when you choose to join, we will be so excited to meet you.

What is included in this challenge?

During the Sculpt Box and Build challenge we will releasea new video everyday. In addition to that, you will have 2 live calls a week (one with Alexis & one with Oriana), a new journal prompt each day & bi weekly sessions with our ED mentor and registered dietitian. Oh also...you will unlock access to ALL past challenges when you sign up for one month!

Do I need to be a monthly member?

No you do not. While warriors is a community built on monthly memberships, you are welcome to join just for this month's challenge. THIS IS A ONE TIME PURCHASE. If you would like to join after, you are welcome to. If you ever want to cancel there is NO NEED to let us know in advance. You can cancel from within your dashboard. We will be sad to see you go, happy you joined us, and excited to potentially welcome you back in the future!

What is it like getting to know the community?

Beautiful, powerful, fun. Our group chat is a lively and well balanced ecosystem of conversations with over 1,500 warriors. When you introduce yourself to the group you will be welcomed in with open arms. Once you get to know the community you will see why warriors love each other so much. There is a spanish-speaking chat & other smaller chat groups that you can choose to join based on your interests and stage of life.


The part of warriors that glows is the community. love how much we support each other! also love the journaling exercises! so so important to work on mental health not just physical health. no other workout plans include this type of community and journaling. also think it’s great that it‘s a different video each day, no getting bored of workouts, love the voice overs really helps get through the workouts!

- Cassie, a Warrior

My favorite part of Warriors is the community 100%, this chat is life, I love the live calls, and I have really been appreciating the experts you guys have brought on.  Having these resources such as Brooke, Juliana, and Michael, the physiotherapist when on a budget is so valuable.  As for workouts, I love the daily challenges because it feels more motivating so the very first challenge and the current challenge have been my favorite so far. 

- Jemma, a Warrior

There are so many things I LOVE about warriors: interacting with you all, supporting each other, the live calls, the workouts, the ballet inspired workouts, the journaling, the growth in my mind as well as my self love and acceptance throughout this journey, the physical changes in my body, alexis' ted talks during the videos, anthea's (community curator) hard work and dedication to us, I could go on forever. i'm so grateful for all of it and every day has had many "glows"

- Kristal, a Warrior

There are currently 1,571 members. This community is like a next level book club or one of those pool club house thingies like Outrigger Canoe Club on O’ahu and those memberships are like thousands of dollars per year. This program will only be maybe a little over a hundred a year  ?  That’s amazing for the amount of self care and self love techniques we’re learning on top of all the networking we’re doing in the group 

- Sky, a Warrior

I don't feel like it only "changed" me necessarily but I rediscovered myself again... self love, patience, discipline, passion. AND ON TOP OF THAT I gained a lot of technical knowledge for working out which have been super beneficial. also journaling daily has made me so present and in tune with my emotions (which tend to fluctuate a lot lately lol help) and I literally LOVE LOVE LOVE doing it now, when I used to kind of dread it once upon a time. 

- Crystal, a Warrior

I feel like I'm working out with Alexis is is so much more motivating. I also love the little pep talks she gives throughout the current challenge. Feel like I’m actually hanging with a friend when doing this challenge :) it would be cool for all of us to meet in person one day, but for now, this telegram and the zoom calls are such a blessing, especially in regards to building confidence and decreasing social anxiety. ✨💗

- Sky, a Warrior

I will renew my membership for next month as well because this is the best investment that I, we could ever make in ourselves, in my opinion. It’s only 30$ that’s only like 3 meals and girls try to spend more than that on nails and hair. Not only has this challenge helped my anxiety, but my body also feels so much better throughout the day and this community is PRICELESS

- Nat, a Warrior

Girls!! Omg! I just finished watching the live call you are all such beautiful souls🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to be live with you I can't wait 😍

That exercise you did at the end is so powerful I love this I'm going to do it as well.

I hope it means something for you, i trust that you're going to achieve everything you wrote down in that piece of paper ❤️ love you

- Gaia, a Warrior

I love Alexis talking through the workout it really helps me keep on going , also the fact that workouts are different everyday makes it more fun and exciting to see what's coming next, so everyday I'm waiting for working out.

- Bina, a Warrior

Just wanted to say a huge thank you Alexis, it’s literally only been a week but this has already helped me so much, especially the journal exercises. It’s been making me go through a lot of emotions but good ones and I think I finally found what I needed to learn to love myself again. I couldn’t thank you enough ❤️

-Lente, a Warrior

I just wanted to say I just completed day 2 and I feel like today's mind exercise literally changed my life. I guess sometimes you have to write it down to actually see everything so clearly! 

So thank you to whoever made the mind exercises 🙏✨, forever grateful ❣️

-Mary, a Warrior

Since this is my first week that was the first call I’ve joined and it has helped me feel more part of this community! Its so nice knowing there are others going through the same things I am with our bodies and other things. I can’t wait for next weeks!

- Sadie, a Warrior